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Why Distance Learning?

Welcome to eTerra!

eLearning at Terra State provides an alternative to the traditional classroom learning environment. Terra State’s online courses and degrees allow you to schedule classes around your busy schedule while still providing a quality education from knowledgeable instructors who have real world experience. Online learning provides you the ability to work from anywhere, anytime of day. Each student has his or her own reasons for choosing online learning. Terra State Community College is here to provide the quality online courses, services and support to help you reach your dreams!

To learn more about Distance Learning at Terra State contact the Admissions Office at (419) 559-2349

How to be a successful online student:

An online education is not for everyone. Students wishing to pursue distance learning must be dedicated and motivated to succeed. Our most successful students are active learners in their courses and are prepared to put in the time it takes to ultimately earn their degree. This means having those important soft-skills such as time management and organization. While the time investment in each course varies, a rule of thumb dictates that students should expect to spend 1 to 2 hours per credit hour per week. This means that in a 3 credit hour online course, the student should expect to work 3-6 hours per week.

Terra State is here to provide support services to help distance students succeed in their education goals. To see if you are ready for distance learning, Terra State provides a distance learning readiness assessment and other orientation pieces. Be sure to check out the Getting Started and preparing page for more information.

Technology Requirements:

  • Hardware: A computer with at least 4GB of RAM , a current operating system and an up to date web browser (Chrome recommended)
  • Operating System: Windows 7 and up, Mac OSX 10.6.1 and up
  • Internet Connection: 20Mb per second (minimum speed needed for video content)
  • Web Browser: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10, Apple’s Safari

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The earlier issue which was preventing access to Canvas and Banner Self Service has been resolved and service has been restored. We apologize for any inconvenience the outage may have caused. 

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