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First in my Family

Congratulations on taking that big step towards a rewarding future. We know that being the first to take the leap is always difficult, sometimes overwhelming. You are the first in your family to break down barriers and build bridges, yes, that’s BIG! Consider yourself the trailblazer for the other members of your family. Being the first, or trailblazing for your family translates into a better job and a better quality of life.

Remember, somebody had to be first, so why not you!

Taking the first step

The first step is the easiest, it’s creating an account on the Student Portal and filling out the college application.
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How do I get financial aid and what is a FAFSA?

FAFSA is the foundation for all financial aid, and allows students to be considered for federal PELL grants, state grants, student loans, scholarships, and work-study programs. These funds can help pay for college tuition as well as books and some fees.
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You have our support

It’s hard to earn a college degree without a little help and support. The Academic Service Center promotes student success by providing support services designed to help students develop their learning and academic skills, as well as enhance their understanding of college demands.

Whatever your need is, the faculty and staff of Terra State Community College are here to help. We are committed to supporting you every step of the way!
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Take a look around

We think you will love our campus. It’s clean, safe and easily accessible. We take pride in our buildings and grounds and have plenty of free parking. For the most part, all the buildings are connected or are in very close proximity to each other. Click the link below for a virtual tour.
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Student Testimonials

If you are the first in your family to attend college, we have some very good advice for you from other students who are trailblazers, too. We know that other students provide the best inspiration and encouragement so we asked a few of our students to share their stories and here is the results.

Alicia Compton

Being the first in her family to pursue a college degree is only one motivation for Alicia Compton to attend Terra State.

“What prompted me to go to college was I wanted to do something that I love and am passionate about,” she said. “Getting a college degree not only makes my family proud but it also makes me feel like I have accomplished one of my long-term goals in life. I want to keep reaching my goals and continue my education because the sky is the limit.”

Her children, ages 3 and 18 months, are also a factor.

“I have two small children who I want to make proud and to be a role model for,” she said. “I want them to grow up knowing that education is a great thing in life and that you can pursue anything as long as you can work for it.”

Alicia graduated from Fremont Ross in 2008 and also participated in the medical program at the Tech Center. She has been taking Terra State classes since her junior year in high school.

She has also been working since she was 15. Her first job was at Rudy’s Family Restaurant here in Fremont. She earned a State-Tested Nursing Aide license and then moved to Owosso, Michigan to attend Baker College. She transferred back to Terra State where she recently got a certificate in phlebotomy and is now working at the Bellevue Hospital as a phlebotomist.

Alicia will be graduating in May with an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting Practice Management. But she’s not finished. She wants to continue her education by becoming a nurse.

She chose Terra State because of the one-on-one opportunities here.

“I am a visual and hands-on learner, and I believe at Terra State you get that experience,” she said.

But her love for the college grew for a variety of reasons.

“The atmosphere at Terra is amazing. The professors are all very nice and down to earth,” she said. “There is no intimidation here at Terra. Everyone makes you feel welcome and right at home. I also love that I can commute back and forth for classes. Terra offers a variety of class times which allows for an easier schedule that works around family and work.”

Edward Sulin

Edward Sulin has been encouraged by family and friends to be the first in his family to earn a college degree. And he plans on doing just that.

“I love welding and with a degree in it, I could do so much more with it,” he said.

The Tiffin Columbian High School graduate has been working since he was 14.

“I have done everything from factory work to helping out the janitor during the summer,” Edward said. “I have even worked for a company where I could weld and now I am working with autistic children. So I have worked a variety of fields.”

Edward’s mother’s side of the family is from Guatemala, but he was born in San Antonio. While he has never been there, he plans to visit someday and is looking forward to meeting a sister and four nieces he’s never met.

A college degree remains an important step in his life.

“In my eyes, you can do so much more in life with that education,” Edward said. “My welding instructor always says to me, ‘Knowledge is power and with that amount of knowledge, you can go very far in life and have a great future.’”

Edward would like to get into a pipe fitting union and progress from there.

“When I am done with pipe fitting, I want to become a welding instructor,” he said. “I feel that is something I would excel in.”

Affordability brought Edward to Terra State. Welding has kept him here.

“Terra has the perfect degree for what I have been looking for,” he said. “A four-year college was not necessary for me so I chose Terra. They offered the perfect degree.”

Christa Franks

Thanks to Post-Secondary Enrollment Options classes, Christa Franks wasn’t really intimidated by the idea of starting college even though she’s the first in her family to pursue a degree on a college campus.

As a student at Fremont Ross High School, she took PSEO (now known as College Credit Plus) classes at Terra State.

“I enjoyed the college atmosphere and found that it was very comforting here,” she said. “Once I started being a full-time student, I also became a student employee at Terra. This was my first job and I found out that I enjoy every minute of it.”

Christa’s father earned an associate degree through an online program but her mother never pursued a college degree.

“It took my mother many years to find a job that she enjoyed,” Christa said. “She repeatedly told me that I should go to college to help further my education and to help get a job that I truly enjoyed. My parents helped me make the decision and are my biggest supporters throughout it.”

Of her two older sisters, only one started college but she didn’t finish. They are all urging a younger sister to get started with College Credit Plus classes.

Terra State has been a great fit.

“What I like best about Terra State is the friendly faculty and how everyone wants to help you achieve your degree,” she said.

Furthering her education is now a no-brainer.

“A college degree is important to me because it will get me a job that I know I will love doing and continue doing the rest of my life,” Christa said. “If I was not attending college right now, I probably would be working weird hours and do something that I would not enjoy. My employment goals are to get a job that I enjoy to the fullest extent and be able to support myself and my family.”

Danielle McLaughlin

Danielle McLaughlin’s pursuit of higher education was an idea born out of necessity.

She lost her job and while she was looking for another, she started making gifts for her little nephew who was about to turn one. She crocheted a stuffed horse pillow and some hats. At the end of the boy’s birthday party, people started asking her to make things for them.

“I started my own business right then and there,” Danielle said. “The more I got into this, the more I realized I need help. So, I talked to an advisor here at Terra State and decided on a business management degree.”

She is the first in her family to pursue a degree.

Danielle, who graduated from Port Clinton High School in 2007, started working when she was 14. She started as a carryout and then went on to work as a breakfast waiter, housekeeper, dishwasher, line cook, personal assistant, receptionist, dog/house sitter, dental assistant and pharmacy technician.

A degree is important to her.

“It will be something that I earned from hard work to better myself and my understanding of how to run my business,” Danielle said. “My employment goals would be to take my Facebook and Etsy stores to being an online and storefront store in my town.”

Location helped bring Danielle to Terra State. The people and experiences have kept her here.

“I was working in Fremont so I could go to class then to work and back to take some night classes,” she said. “What I like best about Terra is the faculty and staff. They have always been very helpful and have been very kind.”

She and husband, Richard, have a son, Richie.

Derek Nye

Derek Nye may not have a lot of history in his family with higher education, but he definitely gets it.

“The job outlook in today’s world almost requires a college education,” he said. “That is, of course, unless I wanted to work as a factory worker on the floor my whole life.”

Derek graduated from New Riegel High School in 2010. He worked as a restaurant worker at New Riegel Café and then as a warehouse picker at Seneca Medical in Tiffin.

But now he works for Buckeye IT Services doing part-time IT work for a high school in the area.

“My employment goals are to continue my education and continue to gain experience at Buckeye IT Services for a little longer to better my resume,” he said.

He chose Terra State for the affordability.

“I liked Terra State because it was a cheaper place to start out and then transfer on somewhere else,” Derek said.