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Computer Services at Terra State

The computer resources available for Terra State's students include hundreds of computers installed in a variety of labs. Access to the computing facilities is based on enrollment status.

Terra State uses Microsoft Office 2013 as the core software in the computer labs. Other software is available depending on the academic departments that use the lab. 

Campus Computer Labs

Terra State has more than 15 computer labs that are specifically for student use. In our computer labs, students can work on course assignments, send and receive email, and use the Internet outside of the regular classroom setting.

All computer labs have available hours posted on the doors.  Two computer labs on the 3rd floor of the B-Atrium and in the SAC are open during college hours. 

Computer Lab Locations

The location of all Terra State's computer labs can be found on our website. Check the campus map for building and room locations.

Computer Labs in Building A, Roy Klay Hall 

  • A-204 - 22 computers; containing Office Administration software
  • A-310 - 13 computers
  • A-314 - 11 computers

Computer Labs in Building B, General Technologies Building  

  • B-204 - 15 computers; used by the Kern Center for Community and Industrial Development
  • B-303 - 22 computers; Center for Learning Achievement
  • B-304 - 18 computers; Cisco Lab
  • B-305 - 21 computers; Computer Programming Lab
  • B-306 - 30 computers
  • B-307 - 23 computers
  • 3rd floor B-Atrium - 19 computers; open lab computers

Computer Labs in Building E, Engineering Technologies Building     

  • E-102 - 21 computers; Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software
  • E-105 - 21 computers; Programmable Logic Control (PLC) software
  • E-209 - 24 computers; Architectural / CAD software 
  • E-210 - 26 computers; Digital Media Technology (DMT) software, Architectural / CAD software
  • E-214 - 25 computers; DMT software, Architectural / CAD software

Wireless Access  

Wireless access is available in all public areas of campus.  Just connect to the “Terra Wireless” network and open a web browser to log in with your Terra State credentials. Visitor and guest access is also available.

Computer Accounts  

Computer and email accounts are automatically provided to students upon enrollment. Any help needed with login username and/or password can be provided by calling the Help Desk at 419.559.2309. Additional assistance can be found in the Admissions office in A 100 in the Roy Klay Hall building.

Help Desk  

For more information regarding the services the Help Desk provides, please visit the Help Desk page.

AUP Agreement 

Upon logging into any computers on campus, you must click "OK" that you agree to Terra's Acceptable Use Policy found at AUP Agreement

Terra State's Computer Center is located on the 3rd floor of the General Technologies Building (Building B). The main office is B-308.

Find out more about Terra State's computer labs:  

Call: 419.559.2309, or 866.AT.TERRA, ext 2309
FAX: 419.334.8012
E-mail: Terra State Community College Computer Center
Visit: General Technologies Building (Building B), B-308
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