Privacy and Security

General Privacy

Terra State Community College carefully protects all nonpublic personal information in our possession regarding students and their families. The College will not release nonpublic, private, personal, or financial information about our students or applicants to any third party, except as specifically provided in this policy.

Terra State will release certain nonpublic personal information to federal and state agencies, government contractors, student loan providers/servicers, and other parties as necessary for the administration of the federal student aid programs, for enforcement purposes, for litigation, and for use in connection with audits or other investigations.

Disclosure is permitted to law enforcement or emergency services agencies in the performance of their duties or when student safety or health may be in jeopardy. The College will not sell or otherwise make available personal information for marketing purposes to any third party at any time.

Protection of Personally Identifiable Information

Terra State Community College employs office procedures and password-protected computer systems to ensure the security of paper and electronic records. The College does not disclose specifics of its internal security procedures to students or the general public to protect the effectiveness of those procedures.

Terra State information is an important asset that is critical to providing an effective and comprehensive learning environment, openly communicating ideas, providing outstanding community service, and supporting the college’s operations. This information includes sensitive and personal student, faculty, and staff data as well as the college’s operational data.

To maintain effectiveness and protect individuals, the College’s information assets must be protected from misuse, unavailability, destruction, and unauthorized disclosure or modification.

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