Campus life is what you make it. While you’re shaping your future, you’ll still have time for fun, relaxation and friendship at Terra State!

What is life really like at Terra State?

I can tell my kids I was the first one to move into that residence hall! I think when we arrive back here in fifty years for the celebration of the 100th Anniversary, I can say that was my room right there."

~ Michael McLaughlin

Students at the Involvement Fair

I am a believer in education. I believe in Terra State as a two-year college. We don’t necessarily need Ph.D.’s. We need hands-on type people. We need people for the things we are going to build in the future.” ~ Charles Eberhardt

I'm new to this whole college thing!

Our support services go the extra mile to make sure our students are successful. We have several areas that are focused on providing the best service they can to you! These allow you to stay focused on the end goal of earning your degree or certificate and landing that dream job.

Let us help you get involved, find your passions, and are here to listen if you need someone to talk things through. Your time at Terra State can be amazing both inside and outside of the classroom!

How does living on campus make college better?

The commute is amazing! And you get the chance to live in a beautiful new residence hall. Seriously, living in a place where everyone is experiencing similar things is great. You will develop support systems for everything from studying to becoming an adult.

Live on campus

How can I find things to do outside of the classroom?

One of the best ways to enjoy your Terra State experience is to share an existing interest or try a new one.

Get involved

How do you support students like me?

Whether you live on or off-campus, we can match you to the help you need.

Student Services

Can I see what it’s like before committing?

Sure! Let one of our current students show you around.

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Open Accuplacer Testing

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