Delivered to Terra State Community College by a bolt of lightning from the sky, Titus the Terra State Titan rose up through the dust with a mighty clap of thunder to roam northwest Ohio. Resonating with powerful leadership, Titus provides direction to all who have chosen to journey through Terra State. Titus the Titan is the symbol that joins all students and alumni in standing for the greatness they achieve at Terra State Community College.


Vital statistics:

Position: #1 fan and supporter of Terra State Community College

Height:  6’13”

City/State: Fremont, Ohio

Terra State Program of Study: Law Enforcement

Born: December 2018 in Fremont, Ohio

Parents: Gaia (Mother Earth) and Uranus (Father Sky)

Favorite movie: Clash of the Titans (the Harry Hamlin version)

Favorite television show: Xena: Warrior Princess reruns

Favorite book: The Percy Jackson series

Favorite food: Gyros

Favorite music: Anything but Yanni


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