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2024-2025 Academic Calendar

2023-2024 Academic Calendar

College Catalog

Our college catalog is completely online and contains our academic calendar, information about courses, specific degree and certificate requirements, and more.

Open the College Catalog

Why should I use the college catalog?

The Terra State college catalog contains detailed information about degree and certificate requirements and more. There is an academic calendar that shows the important dates for each year along with information on electives and other academic policies.

What is My Portfolio?

The My Portfolio feature allows you to create an account and save classes or pages in the catalog to review with your advisor. This is a perfect tool to use before you have your appointment and help organize your thoughts and save time.

Print Degree Planner

The Terra State college catalog also has a print degree planner feature (the first icon that looks like a sheet of paper, in the right hand corner). This creates a printable PDF that helps you know exactly what classes need to be completed for your degree or certificate.