Zachary Rinkes

Adjunct FacultyScience



  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biology - University of Toledo
  • Master of Science in Environmental Studies - Ohio University
  • Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology - Ohio University
  • Environmental Studies Certificate - Ohio University

Publications or Presentations:

  • Rinkes, Zachary L., Isabelle Bertrand, Bilal Zafar Ahmad Amin, A. Stuart Grandy, Kyle Wickings, and Michael N. Weintraub. 2016. Nitrogen alters microbial enzyme dynamics but not lignin chemistry during maize decomposition. Biogeochemistry 128: 171-186.
  • Rinkes, Zachary L., Jared L. DeForest, A. Stuart Grandy, Daryl L. Moorhead, and Michael N. Weintraub. 2014. Interactions between leaf litter quality, particle size, and microbial community during the earliest stage of decay. Biogeochemistry 117: 153-168. 
  • Rinkes, Zachary L., Robert L. Sinsabaugh, Daryl L. Moorhead, A. Stuart Grandy, and Michael N. Weintraub. 2013. Field and lab conditions alter microbial enzyme and biomass dynamics driving decomposition of the same leaf litter. Frontiers in Microbiology 4:260. DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2013.00260 
  • Moorhead, Daryl L., Zachary L. Rinkes, Robert L. Sinsabaugh, and Michael N. Weintraub. 2013. Dynamic relationships between microbial biomass, respiration, inorganic nutrients and enzyme activities: informing enzyme based decomposition models. Frontiers in Microbiology 4:223. DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2013.00223 
  • German, Donovan P., Michael N. Weintraub, A. Stuart Grandy, Christian L. Lauber, Zachary L. Rinkes, and Steven D. Allison. 2011. Optimization of hydrolytic and oxidative enzyme methods for ecosystem studies. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 43: 1387-1397. 
  • Rinkes, Zachary L., Michael N. Weintraub, Jared L. DeForest, and Daryl L. Moorhead. 2011. Microbial substrate preference and community dynamics during decomposition of Acer saccharum. Fungal Ecology 6: 396-407. 
  • Rinkes, Zachary L., and Brian C. McCarthy. 2007. Ground layer heterogeneity and hardwood regeneration in mixed oak forest. Applied Vegetation Science 10: 279-284. 
  • Smith, Ivan K., and Zachary Rinkes. 2005. Biology 101, Laboratory Guide and Workbook. John Wiley and Sons, Fourth edition. 

What I enjoy most about working at Terra State:

I enjoy teaching environmental science and biology to students of all ages and backgrounds. I also enjoy working with the Lifelong Learning Program and Titan kids – the community outreach opportunities at Terra are awesome!

Fun facts:

My wife and I have 4 young kids and we all enjoy activities outside – from hiking to swimming to enjoying a day on my parent’s farm.