Haley Crabtree

Haley Crabtree

Professor, Computer Information SystemsTechnology and Skilled Trades


  • Bachelor of Business in Information Systems, Minor Business Analysis - University of Toledo
  • Masters of Business, Specialization Project Management - Ashland University

Why did you enter the teaching profession?

I strive to learn the best way my students learn. Each student learns in different ways and as a teacher I need to make sure that I am tailoring to these different ways. I need to provide my students with an understanding of the “big picture”. How does it all work and then break it down piece by piece to develop a curriculum that students can leave the classroom with and have a confident feeling that they are entering the workforce prepared. 

I should remain a student: Teachers should strive to have an active and exciting classroom for all levels of education. Students should be enthusiastic about what they are learning and motivated to continue expanding their knowledge of the subject. As a teacher I need to expand my education to learn new ways to expand knowledge and make the educational materials current and relevant to the workforce.

What do you like most about your field?

I like that my field is always changing. I strive to always be a student myself and am able to pass that passion of learning on to my students.