Jeff Hamilton

Associate Professor, Electrical EngineeringTechnology and Skilled Trades


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management - Heidelberg University
  • Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Electricity - Terra Technical College

Why did you enter the teaching profession?

To "pay it forward" - try to do for others in my community what Terra did for me in finding a rewarding and secure career.

What do you like most about your field?

The diversity in career paths, diversity in challenges and the infinite possibilities in either to keep things interesting. This field also allows one to be more in control of one's own daily activities and their career over the long haul.

Fun facts:

My interest outside of what I do for a living are very different - very low tech. I love reading classic literature (real books), woodworking with antique hand tools, splitting my own firewood, tending my small orchard and small livestock. I love to "work out;" work out in the shop, work out in the yard, work out in the woods. I'm a designer, builder and a creator of things in general and enjoy doing things for myself and being as self-sufficient as practicable. I drive old cars (Jeeps) and maintain them myself.