Jennifer Humburg

Jennifer Humburg

Professor, Anatomy and PhysiologyTechnology and Skilled Trades


  • Master of Science in Biology - Bowling Green State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology - Bowling Green State University

Publications or Presentations:

  • Sirum, Karen. and Humburg, Jennifer. 2011. The Experimental Design Ability Test (EDAT). Bioscene Journal of College Biology Teaching 37(1): 8-16.

Why did you enter the teaching profession?

I love school! I enjoy guiding students through the process of learning new concepts. I am continually fascinated by science and the way humans interact with one another. Teaching is a great way to be a part of both of those things. I feel fortunate to have an opportunity to expand the minds of others and offer insight pertaining to our natural world and ourselves.

What do you like most about your field?

What I like most about my field is the opportunity to expand the minds of students through teaching Anatomy & Physiology. I truly enjoy the time spent guiding students through an exploration of their own human body. Watching students progressing through a semester, pushing through their challenges, and finding the success they were looking for, is very fulfilling. I am continually fascinated by human anatomy & physiology and appreciate what I learn from students and colleagues each semester. The collective growth that occurs spanning from students to faculty and across the college is a rewarding experience to be a part of. My own educational background in Biology and Biology Education Research couples two of the most interesting topics to me, life and learning. I love that this field enables me to combine a favorite subject with educational experiences with students which offer the opportunity for growth.

Fun facts:

My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family. We love to take walks in nature, go fishing, swimming, bike riding, play games, cook, and eat! I enjoy getting drawn into a good novel. I practice meditation for relaxation and clarity of the mind.

I appreciate all humans and feel we are fortunate to be on the earth at this time. We can all learn from and teach one another. We are more alike then we are different and are stronger together then we are apart.