Terra State to use new temperature scanners during health crisis

Roger Kuns installing a SpeedFace+ device
Northcoast Security President Roger Kuns installing a SpeedFace+ device on Terra State's campus.

Terra State Community College is the first higher education institution in the area to use new temperature scanning devices, SpeedFace+ by ZKTeco, in an effort to ensure campus is safe for students to return.

“We’re doing our best to keep students, visitors and staff safe during this pandemic and will continue looking into new options as they become available to provide the safest learning and work environment possible,” said Terra State Director of Campus Safety/Facility Operations Duane Kimmet.

The College ordered three SpeedFace+ devices from Northcoast Security President Roger Kuns. College staff will be customizing the software and creating stations on campus for these devices.

According to Kuns, the original SpeedFace started off as a 100% touchless biometric unit that had facial, palm and fingerprint recognition that worked as an access control device. “It would open the door or allow you to go through an entryway, kiosk or turnstile,” he explained. When the pandemic hit our area, ZKTeco developed a thermal technology for the device that had the capability to detect a person’s body temperature.

This device will be used at Terra State to sign people in and out, scan people’s temperature and make sure people entering campus are wearing a mask. A face covering will be provided by the College for individuals who do not have one. If a person is not wearing a face mask or if their temperature is over the threshold, which will be 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, the device will beep. Campus safety personnel will be nearby and will assist anyone having trouble with the devices and giving directions. No one with a temperature over the threshold or without a face covering will be permitted on campus.

In addition to purchasing SpeedFace+ devices, the College is utilizing Ozone machines around campus and in the residence hall. These machines kill Coronavirus by creating O3 (ozone) through an electric current process. This process breaks down odors, microorganisms and other pollutants leaving behind a fresh scent.

All Terra State parking lots except one by Building B (General Technologies) have been and will continue to be closed. Rooms that were not being utilized were sanitized and the doors were closed with a note indicating such and not to enter the room. Sanitation stations with cleaning materials have been placed around campus so staff can clean their own areas. In addition, staff have been split into groups and rotated on a weekly basis to limit staff contact. 

To ensure students will maintain proper social distance while using computers, specific computers were taken offline in the computer labs, library and other common areas. These systems were then covered with bags to make it clear which computers cannot be used.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure our students, faculty and staff feel they are in a safe environment when returning to campus. We will continue to do our best to serve our students and community while holding safety as our number one priority,” said Terra State President Ron Schumacher.