The Marketing department at Terra State handles all media requests and inquiries along with providing guidance for advertising, public relations, social media, internal and external communications, branding and the College website.

Terra State Logo and Brand Guidelines

Terra State Community College strives to maintain consistency and integrity in its visual identity. The Terra State logo has been carefully designed to reflect our identity.

The Terra State logo is the most visible and recognizable expression of the Terra State brand. The College understands and appreciates that outside parties may want to show affiliation with Terra State. However, the use of the College logo to imply affiliation with or endorsement by Terra State Community College without express written permission from the College is strictly prohibited. Exceptions may be made for news media, educational use or events for which Terra State Community College is a major sponsor. This type of exception should be arranged through the Marketing Department of Terra State.

Graphic and Visual Standards

In order to maintain graphic integrity, it is very important that the Terra State logo and graphics must be used with care using a few simple guidelines.

Terra State Marketing


Contact the Marketing & Communications Department

If you need assistance with marketing, public relations or multimedia, the Marketing & Communications department at Terra State is happy to help.

News at Terra State

Terra State Community College is a vital part of our community and is proud of all the exciting things happening on and around campus. Be sure to subscribe to our news feed and social media channels to stay on top of the latest news stories.



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