Terra State Selects Rah Rah for Mobile-First Campus Community Engagement Solution

Rah Rah, a community engagement system for higher education, announced today that Fremont-based Terra State Community College is now implementing Rah Rah’s enterprise-grade campus community engagement platform. Rah Rah will help Terra State deliver a one-stop, mobile-first campus experience that enhances student engagement.

Terra State’s student population pulls from five northwestern Ohio counties and includes a wide variety of students – from technical and trade programs to College Credit Plus pre-college students – and most stay in the region post-graduation. Rah Rah’s community engagement solution delivers an easy-to-use resource to help all students get the most out of the Terra State experience.

“We are so excited to add Rah Rah to our tool kit as we can now show everything about our campus community in one place to everyone on their mobile device - the device they rely on most,” said Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Garien Hudson. “Rah Rah is the only solution that meets this critical need and whose impact is on par with our student information system (SIS) and academic solutions. We will be able to better connect with students, faculty and staff to share the collective community resources available to them and see how they are utilizing various campus services and interacting in the community.”

Rah Rah creates a personalized user experience for accessing all campus resources, which enhances engagement between staff, students and the greater campus community. Once students utilize Rah Rah, the institution gains data-driven intelligence on the type and frequency of resources used and which activities students access and are involved in on and off campus.

Terra State is implementing Rah Rah now with plans for a full rollout during orientation for the Fall 2021 semester.

“We are thrilled to add Terra State to the Rah Rah community and commend Garien and the Terra State leadership for recognizing the value in delivering a robust, mobile-first community engagement resource on campus,” said Cooper Jones, CEO and co-founder of Rah Rah. “In the post-COVID world where a hybrid of in-person and distance learning will coexist, it is critical for schools to lean into the digital age and ensure students have remote access to campus and community resources.”

About Rah Rah

Rah Rah is a community engagement system provider created to simplify and improve campus engagement. Designed to make campuses more accessible, discoverable and connected, Rah Rah provides easy, one-stop access to critical campus resources, groups and events that are relevant for the greater campus community. Recognizing the opportunity for Rah Rah to address a gap in the campus engagement marketplace, software pioneer Dave Duffield co-founder and chairman of Workday, and Phil Wilmington, vice chairman of Workday, have strategically invested in Rah Rah, which was founded by CEO Cooper Jones and Chief Technology Officer Sam Allen in 2018. With a mission to unlock the value of campus life, Rah Rah is a privately held start-up based in New York City. For more information, please visit RahRahLife.com.