Extension of Free Textbooks at Terra State for Spring 2022 Semester

Terra State Community College is extending the free textbooks and access codes purchased from the Titan Shop bookstore during the spring 2022 semester to both returning and new students to December 17, 2021.

The College is providing this offer to promote student success and completion with available institution funds through the CARES Act. If students have purchased their course materials from the bookstore before this announcement, they will be reimbursed. The offer will only be available for textbooks or access codes purchased at the Titan Shop, not from outside sources and websites.

 “Terra State is extending the offer for free textbooks and access codes since the College had such a great response to the offer. As a College, we want all students to succeed, and one of the fundamental ways this takes place is in the classroom. When students are prepared to learn, they have a greater chance to learn the course material and pass successfully. Too often, we find that students make costly sacrifices in an attempt to save money by not purchasing their textbooks or course materials. Additionally, students may run into timing issues when their financial aid is disbursed and not have their materials at the beginning of the semester, which leaves them trailing behind for the remainder of the semester,” said Garien Hudson, vice president of student affairs and enrollment services.

Anna Ewing, a digital media technology student, is grateful for the free textbooks and access codes, stating “Textbooks are one of the biggest expenses students have at the start of the semester. Not having to worry about buying textbooks and access codes saves us a lot of money, time and stress.”

Hudson is aware of the financial burden books can place on a student and wants to help eliminate barriers many of them face. “Students should not have to decide between buying books or paying rent, but for some of our students, this is a reality. Prepared students are successful students. Successful students have a greater chance at meeting their academic and career goals by persisting from term to term, and that is our goal with this initiative. We want to see our students transferring to the four-year institution of their choice or entering the workforce after graduation,” said Hudson.