Board of Trustees Approve Follett ACCESS Program

The Terra State Board of Trustees approved the Follett ACCESS program that delivers all course materials, both print and digital, to students at a $32 per credit hour rate on or before the first day of classes.

The College will provide this offer to increase student success and completion. This program delivers all required materials for the classes students are registered for to ensure they are prepared the first day they step on campus. This program is kicking off for the summer 2022 semester, and students can pick up their textbooks and supplies from The Titan Shop, Terra State’s bookstore, starting on Monday, May 9.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Bill Taylor wants each student to achieve their academic goals in the classroom, “Terra State wants all students to succeed in the classroom. When students are prepared on the first day of class, they will have a greater chance to learn the course material and pass successfully. We have found that students are currently paying an average of $700 per semester on books. Reducing the costs of textbooks and course supplies through the Follett ACCESS program to the lowest price possible will provide students the toolkit to do well and accomplish the goals they set out for themselves.”

Students will no longer have to pay out-of-pocket for any required course materials from The Titan Shop. The $32 per credit hour cost will appear on each student’s bill as a book fee and will be treated as any other fee or tuition cost. It can also be included in any payment plan a student may choose.

This program takes the hassle out of purchasing course materials. Once a student registers and selects their courses for the semester, the course list will automatically be sent to The Titan Shop. From there, the bookstore will get everything ready for the enrolled student to pick up.

“Too often, we also see students making costly sacrifices by not purchasing textbooks or course materials simply because they cannot afford them. Moving towards a low cost per credit hour option ensures that our students will have a greater chance of being prepared on their first day of class to meet as well as accomplish both their academic and career goals,” said Executive Director of the Terra College Foundation Dr. Cory Stine.

Students may choose to opt out of the program each semester they are enrolled if they do not wish to participate. Students wishing to opt-out must do so by the last day to add/drop a course to avoid having the book fee assessed on their account. When students opt out they do so for all their courses in any given term. To opt out of the Follett Access Program, students can visit