The Kern Center provides the assessment tools to evaluate, hire, train and develop the right people for your organization.

Types of Assessments

  • Coaching/Leadership Development
  • Job Analysis
  • Professional/Management Selection
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Team/Organizational Development
  • Personality/Personal Skills
  • Self-Development
  • Organizational
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanical/Electrical/Technical

Pre-employment or Training/Development Assessments 

  • Architecture/Engineering
  • Coaching
  • Food Service Related
  • Healthcare Practice
  • Healthcare Support
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Maintenance/Repair
  • Management
  • Office/Administrative Support
  • Production/Manufacturing
  • Office/Administration
  • Sales/Customer Service

Assessments Can Include:

  • Assessments that measure knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Objective, valid, and reliable assessments that improve organizational performance
  • Pre-screening before hiring or pre-screening before selection into training programs
  • Post-assessments to measure training program improvement and outcomes
  • Career, promotional and leadership development of job incumbents
  • Assessments may be delivered over the internet anywhere (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Quick delivery of assessment results

What is the cost of a wrong hire, the wrong person promoted or the wrong person placed into a training program? Let us help you ensure you have the right people working for you!

Ready to find out more about assessments for your organization? Contact Carolyn Hollingsworth at or 419.559.2256.

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