Midwest Rhythm Summit Rocks Terra State

Midwest Rhythm Summit artists and volunteers

The Midwest Rhythm Summit April 5 through 7 was a success. There were over double the amount of attendees this year compared to last year and many respected individuals in the musical field were on the Terra State campus meeting with Terra State students and students from the surrounding area.

“The summit is an opportunity for attendees to meet and talk with performing artists, music educators, sound technicians and recording producers. The goal is always to give an educational experience to anyone who is interested in a career in music,” Terra State Director of Music Mike Czeczele says.

Student Carley Kidd was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet influencers in the music industry. “My parents listen to Anthrax and Megadeth, so it was really cool to say, ‘yeah, I met Frank Bello,’” she said.

The three-day event is the creation of Mike Czeczele and Bass Gear Magazine Editor in Chief, Tom Bowlus. The summit offers attendees many different educational experiences in the form of master classes and clinics given by some of the most popular artists and professionals in the music industry today. This year, there were also two evening concerts.

Terra State President Ron Schumacher is proud to have an event like this on the Fremont campus. “So many thank you’s to all members of our campus community who came together to support the summit, through volunteering or just taking in all of the sights and sounds,” he said.

Dr. Schumacher is not the only one handing out thank you’s. “Thank you so much for the awesome pictures from the Midwest Rhythm Summit,” said John Montalbano of My World. “We really had a blast playing for you all and we really appreciate you allowing us to be a part of it. From the My World Q and A Session to John’s bass clinic.”

“I had such an amazing time playing with My World as a supporting act to Altitudes & Attitude. All these guys are awesome! Special thanks to the Midwest Rhythm Summit,” said President of Munger Music Inc. Chris Munger.

“It was my great pleasure to be there with you all,” said Saturday Night Live Band vocalist Christine Ohlman, “Beehive Queen.”

Many Terra State students and employees volunteered to drive artists, set up, tear down, hand out programs, work at the registration table and much more. The students, especially, are grateful for the experience.

“The best part about volunteering is that I got to meet all of these amazing artists and actually help them behind the scenes instead of just being an audience member,” said Terra State student Chad Rhodes. “I felt like I was a part of their team.”

Kidd felt similarly. “Getting to talk with them and see how they started off and learn how to make connections and network was great,” she said. “That stuff is really important for getting jobs and getting people to let you record and work with them.”

People have been talking about the prospect of next year’s summit. Many students want it back. “I think the summit is a really great experience that a lot of people missed out on. I really would like to see a third year with more people there,” said Rhodes.

Attendees reaped the benefits of getting advice from professionals in the music field. One piece of advice people heard at the summit was from bassist John Montalbano: “Be someone who is easy to work with, well-practiced, well-rehearsed and have a great attitude. Being a career musician means more than playing your instrument. You need to learn everything about business and marketing. Take it seriously if you want to pursue this.”