Terra State offers tuition-free program for 2020-2021

2020-2021 Workforce Demand Scholarship
To learn more about this scholarship, visit Terra.edu/WorkforceDemand

The Workforce Demand Scholarship is back to give high school graduates a tuition-free option to attend Terra State Community College classes as long as they are pursuing a career in a high-demand job field.

“The Workforce Demand Scholarship is a gap scholarship,” says Kristen Lindsay, Terra State’s Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services. “It brings the cost of college down to a more affordable level for students. For example, at Terra State, the current cost of tuition and general fees for the fall and spring semesters is $4,944. If a student receives a Pell grant in the amount of $2,000, along with other scholarships totaling $1,000, your scholarship is the difference in the amount and would be $1,944. Books and other fees are not covered by the scholarship.”

This year, the Workforce Demand Scholarship is available to students pursuing the following degrees:

  • Accounting
  • Agribusiness Management
  • Business Management
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Health Information Technology
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR)
  • Hospitality Management
  • Interactive Media
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Music Technology and Recording Arts
  • Power and Controls (Electricity)
  • Power Technologies (includes Automotive)
  • Robotics - Integrated Manufacturing Technology
  • Systems and Network Support
  • Welding Technology

To qualify, a student must be enrolled full time (twelve or more credit hours) for the fall and spring semesters and part-time (six or more credit hours) for the summer semester. Students who are awarded the Workforce Demand Scholarship will be provided the opportunity to participate in a work-based experience with an employer in Terra State’s service district.

The scholarship pays for a maximum of five semesters and a target of 12 - 15 students per program are eligible to receive the scholarship. Students who graduate high school in 2020 will get priority preference with remaining spots filled by other qualifying students.

To apply for the scholarship, applicants must:

  • Be a high school graduate and new to Terra State. This includes CCP students.
  • Not have a college degree.
  • Complete a free application for admission to Terra State, the Terra State scholarship application and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) all before April 15, 2020.
  • Develop an academic and career plan, sign a participation contract, and register for classes before April 15, 2020.
  • Submit a non-refundable $50 deposit by April 15, 2020 to reserve your spot (deposit will be applied to cost of general fees once enrolled).
  • Complete on-campus service hours weekly during each semester of enrollment. An on-campus service hour commitment will be matched as best as possible to help build skills for future employment in the student’s occupation of choice.

“Recipients of the Workforce Demand Scholarship need to enroll full time at Terra State and they must attend consecutive fall and spring terms with summer enrollment remaining an option,” Lindsay points out. “Students are also required to maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and achieve a course completion rate of 68%.” Recipients forfeit all benefits if they stop taking classes or drop below full-time status.

Beyond the financial assistance, recipients of the scholarship receive other benefits. “These students receive special invites to career-focused events on campus like job fairs and professional development opportunities,” says Lindsay. One event last year was a networking and professionalism workshop presented by Callista Gould, author of The Exceptional Professional: What You Need To Know To Grow Your Career. Recipients even received a free copy of her book.

For more information on the Workforce Demand Scholarship, call 419.559.2349 or email admissions@terra.edu.