Terra State to offer new construction technology program and certificate

Terra State Community College has expanded to provide a new program and certificate. The construction technology program will begin by offering a utility construction installer certificate.

“Terra State is excited to launch the new utility construction installer certificate. This program was made possible by support from our partners at Kenneth G. Myers Construction, the Power and Communication Contractors Association, and the Wireless Infrastructure Association,” said Dr. Andrew Shella, dean of the technology and skilled trades division.

The program will prepare students to apply basic engineering principles, technical skills and standard construction practices in support of engineers, construction contractors and other professionals in construction. Students will learn about basic construction principles and techniques, building site inspection, safety, site supervision, construction personnel supervision, plan and specification interpretation, supply logistics and procurement, applicable building codes and permits and report preparation.

Students will participate in classes such as truck driving, utility location and print reading, customer service and a cooperative work experience. At the completion of the certificate, students will have completed their CDL-A licensure and receive OSHA 10 training.

The utility construction installer certificate includes 30.5 credits, which equals to 11 courses. Courses can be completed in one year, if 15 credits are taken each semester. Students looking to take less than 15 credits a semester will finish over a longer period. Classes are offered in the fall and spring.

Jacob Selvey, coordinator of the program, spent 40 years working for Kenneth G. Myers Construction. After retiring from the trade, he decided to help Myers Construction and Terra State with the startup of the program.

“We have learned from COVID that we have a big need for broadband. There is a need to build the fifth generation infrastructure and we have all come together to start this program to teach students how to build this fifth generation network,” said Selvey, “We know that working from home will never go away. This program will train people for the industry and I think it’s always going to be a part of our lives.”

In the future, Terra State hopes to expand the program to offer other associate degrees and certificates in construction related fields.

“I see the future of this program divesting into all utilities including water and power. It’s a big task to start a program but we are fortunate enough to have great partners behind us for support, whether that’s their labor, equipment, or knowledge,” said Selvey.

Classes for the certificate start during the second eight-week session, which starts on March 15. Students looking to join the program may first apply to Terra State at terra.edu/apply.