Agribusiness Management instructor yields Agricultural Service Award

Terra State Agribusiness Management instructor Jeff Adams
Terra State Agribusiness Management instructor Jeff Adams with his award

Agribusiness Management instructor Jeff Adams has been recognized with the Agricultural Service Award from the Sandusky County Chamber of Commerce at the 2021 Ag breakfast.

Adams has educated our community about agriculture and agribusiness for over 42 years, 35 of which he served as the agriculture teacher and FFA advisor at Lakota Local Schools. In 2014, he transitioned to teaching as an adjunct instructor in Terra State’s agribusiness program. Adams also supervises Terra State agribusiness students during their internships in the community.

“I continue to enjoy working with students during their internship because I am able to stay in touch with not only our local businesses but also the families in the communities because I have students from all over northwest Ohio.”

Winning this award leaves Adams in good company with many other community members for whom he has had great admiration during his involvement within agriculture education.

“I admire the people who have been recognized as Farmer of the Year as well as with the Agricultural Service Award over the years, so I never really saw myself being a recipient,” Adams said, “It’s a pleasure to receive the award, but it’s more humbling to be recognized in this regard because there are many exceptional people who are very progressive and innovative in the agricultural industry.”

Ann Sergent, dean of the Liberal Arts and Business division at Terra State, agrees with Adams’ nominators for the award that he is thoroughly deserving of the recognition.

“Jeff is an amazing teacher,” Sergent said, “He goes above and beyond to make sure students are successful.”

Adams thanks his colleagues for being his supporters, especially other agriculture teachers in our community schools at Fremont, Gibsonburg, Clyde and Old Fort. Adams mentions one colleague in particular; Valerie Karhoff, who succeeded him and stepped into his position after his retirement from Lakota Local Schools. He credits Karhoff for continuing his passion for agriculture education after his 35-year long tenure at the school.

He also expresses the importance of the field of agriculture in not only our community but the world as a whole. Agriculture supplies many of our needs, not only food but water, fibers, fuel, minerals and materials.

“A lot of these things are connected to agriculture and certainly agribusiness is necessary to support all the production. Agriculture is indispensable,” Adams said, “As much as 60 percent or more of the world depends on American agriculture. I think it is probably one of the most valuable industries, and it is one that I am very proud to be involved with.”