Alexis Busack, '17

Used Terra State internship to earn full-time position as the Office Manager at Luckey Farmers

When Alexis Busack of Oak Harbor began her Terra State Community College experience, she majored in Physical Therapy. However, after some initial testing, she decided to look at a different career path. “I went back to my roots and thought about it,” she says. “In high school, I loved FFA (Future Farmers of America) and anything to do with it. I thought agribusiness was the best for me.” Proving her choice was the right one, Alexis earned her Associate of Applied Business/Agribusiness Management in December 2017.

Originally, Busack chose Terra State because it was close to home, but other reasons appeared after she started classes. “Once I finally got here, it turns out I knew many of the people already attending Terra State. Some I had gone to high school with and others I knew as previous acquaintances. Having the familiar faces was nice, as well as the small class sizes. If I had gone to a bigger institution, I would not have gotten the one-on-one time with the professors like I did at Terra State.”

Another aspect of Busack’s experience was her internship with Luckey Farmers, Inc. headquartered in Woodville, Ohio. “The internship really opened my eyes. I knew that agriculture was a big career field, but it was so much bigger than I anticipated,” she says. “It also helped me realize that agriculture is where I wanted to be.” Busack’s internship led to a full-time job. “I secured my internship in April and was hired in full time in December. Without the internship, I may not have gotten this position.” Busack started her full-time position as the Office Manager at Luckey Farmers, Inc.’s Lemoyne, Ohio facility.

Busack likes to remind people that she did not know what she wanted to do when she graduated high school. “Terra State is an awesome place to find out. If you come to Terra State and do not know what you want to do, that’s okay. The College has all kinds of prerequisite courses that transfer. Just make sure your advisor knows upfront and they will help you out. That is what is awesome about Terra State.”

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    Luckey Farmers Inc.

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    Office Manager

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    Up to $85,225*