Michelle Monreal, '16

Earns a position at Bellevue Hospital in ER and Outpatient Registration with help from Terra State's Career Services

My professors and academic advisors helped guide me to my choice of healthcare administration." ~ Michelle Monreal

2013 Fremont Ross graduate Michelle Monreal decided after high school to pursue a degree in physical therapy. She enrolled at the University of Akron, but found it too big. Plus, she found that physical therapy wasn’t much to her liking.

Michelle transferred to the University of Toledo, but did not know what she wanted to major in. In 2014, she came home to Terra State Community College. “I came to Terra State to just get me going,” Michelle says. “I also liked the small class size. I was able to interact with everyone. I knew the names of my professors and classmates. I was almost like a family.”

Michelle always wanted to work in the healthcare profession. However, she didn’t know if she wanted to work on the clinical or non-clinical side. 

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    2 years, Full time

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    Bellevue Hospital

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    ER and Outpatient Registration

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    Up to $50,802*


“My professors and academic advisors helped guide me to my choice of healthcare administration,” she says. “I like the business side and I also like learning about the healthcare. It is the best of both worlds.”

In 2016, Michelle earned her Associate of Science in Healthcare Administration. “Right after I graduated, I had an interview with Bellevue Hospital. Joan Gamble of Terra State Career Services helped me with my resume and mock interview. She occasionally checks in on me. Joan is awesome.”

Of course, Michelle got the job. She is working in ER and Outpatient Registration. “I’m the first person the patient sees,” she says. “I am meeting all types of people. I love it!”

*Possible salary information based on averages from salary.com

Joan Gamble

Joan Gamble

Career Services Coordinator

Helped Michelle prepare for her first interview at Bellevue Hospital