Career Tech & Adult Education

Terra State has partnered with multiple high schools, Career Technical Education Centers, and Ohio Technical Centers (Adult Ed) to assist students as they transition into college degree programs or prepare to enter the workforce.

Because we value your the time and work you have already done, agreements have been created to provide a smooth transition for students from high school or adult education programs into degree programs at Terra State.

Get a jump start on your future

Students participating in Career Tech programs through their high school, career center or Ohio Technical Center have the opportunity to earn college credit as part of their program and learn valuable skills in areas demanded by business and industry, increasing their marketability in the workforce.

What schools and career centers participate in this agreement?

By participating in one of the programs Terra State Community College has partnered with, students have the opportunity to earn articulated or CTAG credit as part of an agreement. This credit can be used toward a certificate or an associate degree from Terra State. Students can also use their credits to enroll with one of our four-year college partners and begin working on their bachelor's degree.

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Benefits of agreements

  • You can earn college credit that can be used toward a certificate, associate degree, or bachelor's degree
  • They provide guidance, placement, and follow-up services for students through planning by staff at the high schools, career centers, and college
  • They provide savings in expenses for students and their families
  • They reduce duplication of effort and time for you at the college level when you have acquired job skills in a high school or adult education program
  • You develop marketable skills that prepare you for the workforce and college

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For more information on the partnerships, contact the Northwest Ohio Region Tech Prep Center at 419.559.2260.