Disability Services

Terra State is fully committed to making the best effort to help you succeed in college. If you have a disability or need accommodations, please reach out to us. We provide a full range of special auxiliary services, accommodations, and advocacy efforts designed specifically to make your personal experience here an especially rewarding one.

Will this be different from my high school?

There are many differences between high school and college life, including how students with disabilities establish academic accommodations.

In high school, special education services and academic accommodations are usually coordinated by your teachers, parents and school administrators. However, in college, students take on the responsibility of establishing appropriate academic accommodations for themselves.

If you want to receive academic accommodations and/or disability support services, you must initiate the process by disclosing your disability to our Disability Services, located in the Academic Service Center, B105.

What should I do first?

All student with a disability who wish to register for disability services are asked to follow these three steps:

Disability Services General Documentation Guidelines

If you have more questions about Disability Services, send an email to lkiser@terra.edu or call  419.559.2139.