Internships provide students with an opportunity to integrate classroom studies with the world of work and learn important job skills while pursuing a college degree. Our internship program helps connect students with potential employers while allowing employers the opportunity to see how well-qualified our students are!

Internships benefit both students & employers

Internships are a partnership between student, employers, and Terra State Community College that formally integrates the student’s academic study with work or real-world experience.

Each partner has the following responsibilities in this venture:

  • Employers will compensate student
  • Terra State will award academic credit, based upon the student’s performance
  • Both Terra State and the employer will evaluate student
  • Student must complete special assignments, as necessary
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Student Benefits

  • Test drive a potential career choice
  • Earn money for educational expenses 
  • Network with professionals who can help launch a career
  • Put your new skills into practice in the real world
  • Develop practical communication and interpersonal skills on the job
  • Build your résumé with relevant experience
  • Earn college credit based on your performance

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Employer Benefits

  • A cost-effective recruiting and training program
  • An excellent pool of well-prepared employees
  • Stronger retention rates among permanent employees recruited and hired through internships
  • Improved personnel selection including access to minority students for permanent employment
  • New ideas and enthusiasm for both employers and educators

What programs are eligible for internships?

  • Accounting
  • Computer Systems
  • Electricity
  • Management
  • Manufacturing Engineering 
  • Marketing
  • Power Technologies
  • Robotics - Integrated Manufacturing Technology
  • Welding

Internship FAQs & Topics for Students

Internship FAQs & Topics for Employers

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