Internships provide students with an opportunity to integrate classroom studies with the world of work and learn important job skills while pursuing a college degree. Our internship program helps connect students with potential employers while allowing employers the opportunity to see how well-qualified our students are!

Internships benefit both students & employers

Internships are a partnership between student, employers, and Terra State Community College that formally integrates the student’s academic study with work or real-world experience.

Each partner has the following responsibilities in this venture:

  • Terra State will award academic credit, based upon the student’s performance
  • Both Terra State and the employer will evaluate student
  • Student must complete special assignments, as necessary
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Student Benefits

  • Test drive a potential career choice
  • Network with professionals who can help launch a career
  • Put your new skills into practice in the real world
  • Develop practical communication and interpersonal skills on the job
  • Build your résumé with relevant experience
  • Earn college credit based on your performance

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Employer Benefits

  • A cost-effective recruiting and training program
  • An excellent pool of well-prepared employees
  • Stronger retention rates among permanent employees recruited and hired through internships
  • Improved personnel selection, including access to minority students for permanent employment
  • New ideas and enthusiasm for both employers and educators

What programs are eligible for internships?

  • AgriBusiness Management
  • Business Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Marketing

Internship FAQs & Topics for Students

How Career Services Can Help Employers

Terra State Community College’s internship coordinator and faculty advisors are dedicated to helping employers reach their staffing goals. Our staff can help you with any of the following:

  • Internship Guidance
  • Job postings on Ohio Means Jobs
  • Résumé searches
  • Job Fairs
  • On-campus Interviews
  • Career Fairs

If you have questions or comments about our services, we encourage you to contact us today. The office is located in Roy Klay Hall, A202.

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