Supporting Your Student

The success of your student is important at Terra State! The following information provides ways on how you can support your student through their educational journey.

Disability services photo

Disability Services

We provide program accessibility, assurance of equal opportunity and auxiliary services to students with disabilities.

Student talking with counselor

Mental Health Counseling

Mental health is extremely important to us at Terra State. We know college is stressful and are here for you to talk, plan, coach, and listen.

Delegated Access vs FERPA Consent

  • Delegated Access allows someone to look at your records any time of day without assistance from Terra State.
  • FERPA Consent allows Terra State employees to discuss a student’s record with another party.

Delegated Access (Proxy)

Delegated Access via Proxy Overview

Shared access to student information is easy with Proxy. Once the student sets up a Proxy (NOTE: This link only works for active students), the authorized user can access the student’s information without contacting anyone at Terra State.

What is a Proxy? A proxy is an individual that a student gives permission to view certain screens of their online information. Students can designate the following individuals as their proxies: parents, spouses or significant others, advocates, employers and even organizations that provide scholarships. The parent/guest will receive their own username and password to view the student information.

Delegated Access Options (Current)
  • Student Holds – If the student has any holds on their account, you may be able to see it listed on this page. You should be able to view the Hold Type and the Processes Affected by it. Some holds are sensitive and may not display on the page
  • Student Grades - You can select a term or all terms and then the course level. You will see the GPA summary, a list of courses and any midterm and/or final grades recorded for the student. If you select the course title or CRN, you will be able to see more detailed information about that specific course.
  • Student Profile – This is the student’s personally identifiable information (PII), such as email, phone, emergency contact, status, advisors, and majors. A schedule of classes is available from this page as well.
  • Week at a Glance - This screen displays the student’s class schedule by day and time. You can only view this page, not drill down through the hyperlinks to more course details as the note states for the student.
Delegated Access Options (Coming Soon)
  • Account Summary
  • Award History
  • Award Package
  • College Financing Plan
  • Financial Aid Award History
  • Financial Aid Award Offer
  • Financial Aid Dashboard
  • Financial Aid Notifications
  • Financial Aid Resources
  • Financial Aid Status
  • Tax Notification 1098T

Please note: Delegated Access (Proxy) does not give Terra State employees permission to discuss a student’s records with a third party. A FERPA Release, separate process, must be completed by the student for an employee of Terra State to discuss the student’s records with any individual.

What is a FERPA Release

What is FERPA? The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects student information.

A FERPA release will allow Terra State employees to discuss a student’s information with the named individual on the release. Delegated Access, outlined above, allows for self-service viewing of certain records 24-7. Delegated Access does not give Terra State employees the right to discuss a student’s records with another party.

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