Pam Jensen, '89

Terra State aided in earning degree on her path to becoming President of ProMedica’s Regional Acute Care – Ohio and Support Services

Terra State offered great convenience to an adult learner. It met the need for me to balance work, raise a small child and earn a degree." ~ Pam Jensen

Born in Fremont and raised in Port Clinton, Pam Jensen’s journey in becoming ProMedica’s President of Regional Acute Care – Ohio and Support Services began when she was 17 and working part-time in long-term care as a nursing assistant. That experience led her to pursue a lifelong career in the health care industry. 

In the late ‘80’s, Jensen began her education trek with online courses through the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) to earn a degree in medical records. In need of supplemental classes, she turned to Terra State Community College to fulfill that void. “Terra State offered great convenience to an adult learner,” Jensen says. “It met the need for me to balance work, raise a small child and earn a degree. Because I was working full time, I could take online and Saturday classes. Terra State definitely helped me earn my associate degree.”

Jensen received her associate’s degree in Health Information Technology from AHIMA. She enrolled at the University of Toledo and started taking classes on and off in order to earn her bachelor degree. Because she was working full time with ProMedica, Jensen was unable to take some of the classes when they were offered. A colleague recommended a 2+2 pathway with Spring Arbor University in Michigan. “The program at Spring Arbor was very adult oriented. I was able to take classes every Monday night for thirteen months to get my degree.” Jensen received her bachelor degree and immediately continued and earned her master degree 2003. Both degree are in Organization Development. “For me in my career path, I felt a degree in Organization Development would allow me to be a leader of people. Learning about the culture of a workplace and how organizations are organic and how they develop and learn was what I really wanted to do.”

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    2 years, Full time

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    President, Regional Acute Care - Ohio and Support Services

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    Up to $441,376*

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Now that Jensen has gone from nursing assistant to a ProMedica president, she has advice for those who are considering or have not considered a career in the medical field. “In the tight job market of today, there is a very large need for medical professionals of all types. Though the medical field is not recession proof, people are always going to become ill. It is a great field as far as job stability.” There are some aspects of the field that potential students may want to keep in mind, too. “Unless you are a lab technician viewing different samples through a microscope, 75% of all jobs will be dealing with people. If you are not a good “people person”, the medical field is not a good career to pursue. 25% of the time, nurses and doctors are using the medical knowledge. The other 75% is being used to manage the patient and their family’s expectations.”

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