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Music Technology and Recording Arts Degree (AAS)

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Music Technology and Recording Arts Degree (AAS)

Music Technology & Recording Arts Degree

The Music Technology and Recording Arts degree consists of studies in the latest technology along with traditional music theory, business, and performance courses.

The Terra State Music Program has been a treasured resource for students and community members alike for over two decades. The program has embraced continuous innovation throughout its history, culminating in the recent installation of the illustrious API Audio, Box 2 analog console in the Terra State recording studio. Terra's music facility connects various recording and performance spaces: a concert hall tailored for hosting large ensembles, a versatile medium-sized recording studio, ideal for recording drums and acoustic instrument overdubs, which includes an intimate isolation booth catering to voice-overs and vocal tracking.

The program emphasizes the necessity of having musical performance experience in order to understand the technology counterpart, and consequently all students learn to be proficient on instruments of their choosing. They also gain a significant amount of experience playing in musical groups and ensembles.

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    Associate Degree

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 Based on data for Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technicians

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Learning Outcomes

  • Apply written music theory through examples of written musical compositions, utilizing common practice procedures from the Classical Period up through the Twentieth Century.
  • Utilize the techniques and applications of aural skills through melodic and rhythmic dictation, sight-singing, and aural identification of chords, intervals, and harmonic progression.
  • Utilize techniques and fundamental practices of performance and skills in vocal and instrumental music.
  • Produce and create music utilizing computer hardware, software, and other technology equipment.
  • Operates hardware utilizing digital recording techniques through live concerts and studio performances.
  • Demonstrate use of proficient application of mixing and mastering techniques.
Potential Occupations icon

Potential Occupations

  • Recording Studio Engineer
  • Recording Studio Technical Assistant
  • Sound Reinforcement Mixing Engineer
  • Audio Engineer/Sound Engineer
  • Record Producer
  • Event Productions
  • Post Production FX Audio/Film


Corbin & Shay Rickard

Brothers partner to become Owners, Producers, and Songwriters after gaining music and business skills from Terra State

Corbin and Shay RickardMusic Recording and Technology and Music Business, '17
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