Rick Hill, '82, '84

Explored two different paths at Terra State and gained valuable leadership skills

The business knowledge I gained from Terra State has helped me a lot. I gained leadership skills that assisted me in motivating my staff." ~ Rick Hill

Rick Hill came directly to Terra State Community College after graduating from Fremont Ross High School in 1980. “It was close to home,” he says. “Plus, it had classes I was interested in and the tuition was excellent!” Hill wanted to pursue photography, so he earned his Associate in Graphic Design in 1982. “Unfortunately, nothing came about with photography,” he continues. “So I decided to go the next step because you can never have too much college.” In the end, Hill graduated with his second degree in 1984, this time in marketing.

After graduating with his Associate in Marketing, Hill began looking for work. “Back then, you really could find many opportunities in this area, so I began working at Foodtown.” Foodtown eventually became Super K-Mart where Hill became the night manager for the grocery side of the store. He worked a total of eighteen years before the business closed and now is with Kroger. “The business knowledge I gained from Terra State has helped me a lot,” Hill says. “I gained leadership skills that assisted me in motivating my staff.”

When reflecting on the time he spent at Terra State, Hill immediately talks of the small classes. “Back then it was a small campus. You were able to get more individual one on one time with the instructors. Plus, you were not sitting in a great big auditorium.” He also remembers his favorite instructors. “Ron Neeley taught graphic arts, Robert Jones was editing and makeup, John Foster did screen printing and Robert Wilson taught photography. I loved all of my professors.”

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    2 years, Full time

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    $12,462 for Interactive Media and $12,663 for Marketing 


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    Night Manager

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One aspect of his Terra State experience that Hill is proud of was his involvement with creating the student senate. “A group of friends got together and organized some activities for students,” recalls Hill. “We tried to set up some fun things for students to do. We had a softball tournament between the different technologies and did some other activities, too.”

It’s been over thirty years since Hill earned his last degree at Terra State. However, he may not be done. “Terra State is a great college to go to. I’m thinking about coming back and taking a digital photography class. As I said earlier, you can never have too much schooling.”

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