CCP Info for High School Administrators

Terra State is committed to establishing strong partnerships with local school districts to maximize students’ postsecondary credit opportunities during high school. We pledge to ensure school districts have the flexibility they need to offer a College Credit Plus Program that is in the best interest of their students.

Secondary School Partners

Secondary School Partners play a critical role in the planning and implementation of the College Credit Plus program at Terra State Community College. Secondary Districts are encouraged to meet with the College Credit Plus Admissions Advisor to create, edit, and confirm courses to offer within the high school building to ensure they are appropriate for high school on-site offerings and encompass a cohesive set of courses toward a degree pathway.

Terra State is committed to assisting you in establishing a variety of 15 and 30 credit hour pathways. Once a pathway is agreed upon by the College and your school district, the College pledges to offer pathway courses in your school building during Fall and Spring semesters if one of the following conditions is met:

  • The school district employs a qualified faculty member; or
  • The school district employs a qualified faculty member; or
  • The school district identifies 12 or more eligible students to register in a course, the College will provide a faculty member.

If neither of the conditions are met, students may enroll in pathway courses on the campus of Terra State or through distance education. It is important to note students are not required to follow established pathways and may enroll in up to 30 credit hours per academic year. School districts may partners with more than one institution to offer a pathway.

Student Support

The College agrees to provide the following services to ensure that your students have a meaningful and successful experience:

  • Collaborate in providing at least one College Credit Plus information meeting for parents and students;
  • Placement testing at your school district on a day agreed upon by the school district and the College;
  • A CCP Advisor can meet with students in your high school building for advising and registration; and
  • A CCP Advisor for each student to meet with at any time during the semester.

Academic Quality

To ensure that your students have quality academic experience, the College commits to the following:

  • Identifying quality instructors that meet the appropriate credentialing standards;
  • Providing professional development opportunities for high school teachers; and
  • Conducting at least one classroom observation per semester of courses taught in your buildings.

Terra State CCP staff are also available to attend the annual required CCP Information Sessions and other important meetings held at your school. 

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