How can you earn college credit while still in high school AND at no additional cost to you or your family? By taking advantage of Ohio's College Credit Plus program right here at Terra State!

What is 
College Credit Plus (CCP)?

The CCP program allows eligible 7th through 12th grade students to obtain both high school and college credit by enrolling in courses through Terra State Community College.

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Ready to apply?

Visit our College Credit Plus Admissions page to apply now, or continue reading for more information.

What are my options for taking classes?

There is such a variety of options for you to take classes at Terra State and the best part is those classes count for credit at both your high school and at Terra State!

You can:

  • Take college courses on Terra State’s campus
  • Take online college courses
  • Take college courses at your high school if offered through an agreement with your school district
  • Take a large variety of classes and subjects not normally available to high school students

Extra benefits:

  • You have the ability to earn a college degree while completing the requirements toward your high school diploma
  • College Credit Plus courses are weighted the same as your AP courses
  • Earning college credit for free, saving students thousands towards their college education
  • 15-and 30-hour pathways for various fields to comply with the College Credit Plus requirements for high schools
  • An advanced, challenging and rewarding environment
  • A wide variety of courses that are guaranteed to transfer to any Ohio public institution (visit:

“I am very active at Van Buren High School. I play soccer, run track, march in the band, sing in the choir and cheer, to name a few. Terra State is very flexible and gives me time to do those activities because I can take classes online.”

~ Annie Mowrey

Can I do it?

Many students are nervous about college and taking college courses. College is different from high school but you can do this! Whether you want to take classes to get a jump start on your certificate or degree from Terra State or want to go on to earn a four-year degree, taking CCP classes is a smart option for you and your wallet.

All students must be considered college-ready in one area of either Reading, Writing or Math. Don't let this stop you though - with some practice and help from us, you can do it! Students can submit ACCUPLACER scores or ACT scores if taken in the past three years.

For new students Terra State offers an ACCUPLACER testing five days a week on the college campus. There is no cost for the first assessment. It is recommended that students prepare for ACCUPLACER by doing the sample questions found on the ACCUPLACER website:

Why should I take my classes at Terra State?

Accessible iconAccessible

CCP students can take courses at Terra State Community College’s campus or online and course schedules and options are designed to match students' and families’ busy lifestyles. CCP classes may also be offered at your local high school.

Successful iconSuccessful

CCP/dual credit students have a 95% success rate when taking courses while in high school.

Transferable iconTransferable

Terra State Community College credits transfer easily to four-year colleges and universities in Ohio and elsewhere. Click here for the list of Ohio Transfer courses Terra State offers. We also have over two dozen articulation agreements with four-year institutes. See your advisor for more information.

Pathways iconPathways

Pathways are available to help students choose the courses that will get them closer toward their degree or certificate.

How do I get started?

Visit our College Credit Plus Admissions page to see how!


Have questions? Attend an upcoming CCP information session to get them answered!