Students with a History of Felony or Other Violent Crime

Terra State is committed to providing college access to the public and is an open enrollment institution. We want every student and member of our campus community to have a positive experience in a safe environment so that they can reach their fullest potential.

As a part of the admissions process, students are asked a question about their criminal history. Students are required to self-report whether they have any prior felony convictions or convictions involving violence, harm to others, or weapons in any state or country upon application to the College.

Having a criminal background does not automatically disqualify you from attending Terra State. However, there is a process students must follow.

Ex-Offenders Admissions Procedures

  • Apply for admissions using the appropriate application (New, Transfer, Returning, Guest, or International). Along with your application, you will need to submit a Personal Statement Form available here to Roy Klay Hall, A100. This form asks you to list your felony and/or violent misdemeanor convictions, a statement regarding the positive changes you have made since your conviction, and a declaration of your academic and career goals. Additionally, if you are currently on probation or parole, you are required to list your probation or parole officer.
  • Interview with the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT). Once your personal statement is returned, you will be required to meet with a panel from the Behavioral Intervention Team. The Team’s assistant will call you to schedule your interview time.
  • Complete a criminal BCI/FBI background check. At your interview, you will be required to give permission for a state and/or a federal criminal background check which will be performed by our Campus Safety for a fee of $35 if convictions were only in the state of Ohio, or a fee of $60 if convictions were out-of-state. The background check will not occur unless you return your completed Personal Statement Form, have meet with our Behavioral Intervention Team, and pay the background check fee. Please note it will take approximately 30 days for the background check results to be returned to our Campus Safety.
  • Ex-Offenders are required to follow the remaining admissions procedures for their admission type. Please refer to these specific pages for more information.

Admissions Procedures

Please note that applicants can be deferred or denied if their presence poses a substantial risk of harm to the campus or if they are under conditions of post-release supervision (i.e. probation or parole) that prevent enrollment.

Current students with new felony convictions or convictions involving violence, harm to others, or weapons in any state or country must report that conviction to the Associate Dean of Students Office.

Failure to disclose required and accurate information may result in separation from the College, including invalidation of application, immediate suspension from the College, and/or dismissal.

View the College's official Ex-Offender Admission Policy and Procedures

For more information about this process, contact Todd Long, Associate Dean of Students at or 419.559.2360.