International Student Admissions

Terra State Welcomes Qualified International Students

We value diversity and the experiences students from international backgrounds bring to our campus and classrooms. Our goal is to prepare students from all backgrounds to be successful after completing their education here at Terra State. Acceptance as a new applicant from abroad can be made for the fall, spring or summer terms. Students from international backgrounds looking to enroll at Terra State must complete the following enrollment checklist.

Enrollment Checklist for International Students

  • Apply for admission
  • Submit required documentation
  • Get student visa
  • Secure housing
  • Complete the placement test or submit scores from the ACT or SAT
  • Meet with the International Student Advisor
  • Complete Academic Advising and Class Registration

Required Documentation 

International Transfer Students

International students looking to transfer from another college or university in the United States to Terra State Community College must also meet the following requirements: 

Have not violated their immigration status and/or fallen out of status. Fulfilled his/her financial obligations to the college or university. 

To demonstrate meeting these requirements, students are required to have the transferring institution complete an Intent to Transfer form and send it to Tim Shaal.

Procedures Following Admission 

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