The Kern Center for Workforce and Community Education was created in 1997 to enhance community education and industrial development. The Center continues to provide for the workforce development needs of the region, and offers personal enrichment courses for individuals of all ages.  In 2019, The Kern Center expanded its offerings with the development of The Doepker Center, an area dedicated to local leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Customized Training

Looking for something specific for your company? We offer customized trainings too!

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Whether you are a company that wants to setup an apprenticeship or someone who is interested in being in our apprenticeship program, we can help you.

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Let us provide the assessment tools to evaluate, hire, train, and develop the right people for your organization. Don't gamble on the success of your business, from pre-employment to skills assessments we've got you covered.

Motorcycle Ohio

Motorcycle Ohio

Learn motorcycle safety and get your motorcycle endorsement at Terra State.

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