Want to learn how to ride a motorcycle? The Ohio Department of Public Safety’s (ODPS) Motorcycle Ohio Rider Education Programs are available at Terra State spring through fall.

The Basic Rider Safety (BRS) is designed to teach new riders how to ride safely. Classes generally take place over a weekend (Saturday and Sunday), plus one weekday class, and are held at Terra State Community College, 2830 Napoleon Road, Fremont. Motorcycles are provided and all students must wear a facial covering, gloves and bring their own helmet for the class.

After a successful completion of the skills test, you will leave this class with your motorcycle endorsement. You then will have 60 days to have the endorsement added to your license as long as your permit is valid. 

The cost for all motorcycle safety courses is $50. You may register at www.motorcycle.ohio.gov now. Once registered, any updates about the class will be emailed to the student. For more information, call Larry Gnepper at 419.559.2110 or email lgnepper01@terra.edu.

Please visit the website for a complete list of the motorcycle safety courses offered, which includes the Returning Riders Safety Course. These classes are for those who have 1,000 hours or more of riding experience, or for individuals who already have a motorcycle endorsement and just need to freshen up their skills. This is only a one day course.