Customized Workforce Training

A specialty of the Kern Center at Terra State Community College is its excellence in high-quality customized training. Our instructors are particularly adept at modifying courses to meet your organizational needs, and then presenting them to your employees at your location at your preferred time.

Customized Training Benefits

  • Affordable, quality training
  • Credit or non-credit courses are available for the program
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Grant opportunities available
  • Program can be tailored to your organizational needs
  • Training offered at work site, at Terra State, or a third-party location

Customized Training Topics

From animation to welding, the Kern Center has training that meets your business needs.

When do you need Customized Workforce Training?

Customized Workforce Training is beneficial when:

  • You have new employees to who need to be oriented and trained to do their jobs
  • You have promoted employees to first-level supervisory positions and they have little or no supervisory management experience
  • You have upgraded your technology or are planning to do so
  • You have had a visit from the OSHA inspectors
  • There is a significant amount of conflict in your organization that impedes progress and performance
  • You are an effective, efficient organization and you want to stay that way

Help your business thrive. For more information about customized training, contact:


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