Starting at Terra State is a great option for students who would like to continue on their educational journey to earn a bachelor's degree. You can save money and still earn the same degree!

Will my credits really transfer?

This is the number one question of students who plan to continue on to earn a bachelor's degree and the answer can be tricky. The short answer is YES! We have worked with the state and several four-year institutions to create seamless paths for transfer students.

Anytime you take a course that is part of the Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) or Ohio Transfer 36, that course is guaranteed to transfer to another Ohio public institution.

Transfer Credit Policy

If you are considering a private institution, we have many articulation agreements that layout the path for what credits from Terra State transfer to the other institution

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It is always best to meet with your academic advisor to make sure you have selected the proper classes that meet transfer guidelines. You can unofficially explore how your courses might transfer using a tool called Transferology too.

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Everything from Terra State transferred seamlessly!

~Jamey Wilkins

What transfer degrees do you offer?

Terra State has three degrees identified as transfer options, the Associate of Arts Degree (AS), Associate of Science Degree (AS) and Associate of Individualized Study (AIS) in Pre-Mortuary Science.

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Associate of Individualized Study

You can earn an AIS degree in Pre-Mortuary Science and pursue the following pathway:

Why not just go straight to the four-year institution?

Why would you?! Terra State has so much to offer and you can get a full-college experience without the burden of high debt.

Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathway logo

Ohio has created clearer paths to degree completion for students pursuing associate degrees who plan to transfer to an Ohio public university to complete their bachelor's degree. The Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (OGTPs) are agreements between public community colleges and universities confirming that community college courses meet major preparation requirements and will be counted and applied toward the bachelor’s degree. Students still must meet all university program admission requirements.

From excellent academic programming to on-campus housing, we provide the right experiences without the high price tag!

Ohio Consortium for Transfer Pathways to the Liberal Arts

In addition to participating in the Ohio Guaranteed Pathways Program, Terra State Community College is also a member of the Ohio Consortium for Transfer Pathways to the Liberal Arts. This consortium provides clear, consistent transfer pathways in Biology, English, and Psychology that align with the Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (OGTPs). Students in these fields can transfer from Terra to any of the 14 private colleges and universities in Ohio, listed below. This assures that the pathway you complete as part of your associate degree will provide maximum transferrable credit to any of these Ohio private colleges and universities. You will be able to transfer as a college junior, on track to graduate with your bachelor’s degree!

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What about College Credit Plus students?

Your credits are treated the same as everyone else - that means they transfer too.

Many students choose to stay and complete their Associate of Arts or Associate of Science before transferring to a four-year institution, saving themselves thousands of dollars! Some spend the extra year after high school graduation at Terra State while others can complete in even less time, dependent upon how many credits they earned as a CCP student.

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